Most Precious Gift From You – My Lovely Clients

Thank you S & Co. Artistry Makeup Studio for the amazing hairdo and make-up during my Big Day last month!
S&Co Artistry, your patience and keen eye for details kept you going in ensuring that my make-up and hair was perfect before I was ready to step-out. I also appreciate that you constantly reminded me to enjoy the wedding day for it is only once in a lifetime and will pass by very quickly! (I am glad I took your advice)

Thanks for your patience in curling my hair especially when you had to re-curl it during the night when I kinda messed it up . Syezen and you did a great job in styling my hair and suggesting the loose hair down for the dinner march-in – to which I received a number of compliments on kiki emoticon

Overall, you both made a very good team in helping me look my best, yet still very much like myself.
So THANK YOU S & Co. Artistry Bridal Studio!




I’m just so in love with her. I truly hope that the end of this business relationship will be a beginning of a new friendship! She is super kind and innocent from the depths of her pretty pure heart, making me feel so warm as though we’ve been friends for the longest time. I believe that I’m not the only one who feels her big heart & love towards others. She also has the power to make people feel so secure and peaceful.

I said to her, “Please don’t forget me… please”. I really feel that I want to be your true friend in life. You are a person that I truly appreciate.
I feel so blessed to have u, my new friend – Grace!   T.T

Thanks God!

Grace TN


















We have never met until this special day.

She has a very kind personality, always calm and smiles at me no matter how stressful the situation is during her big day. I truly feel that she is a fine young lady who always treats her family and friends well with the kindness of a “big sister”. Especially so when i see all that are present respecting and loving her so much!!!
Due to her personality and uniqueness in beauty (outward & inner), I decided her bridal makeup to be a gentle and romantic look, which suited her the most!!

Thank you my dear for choosing me as your makeup artist and all the inspiration you have given me.
I wish you all the best in your new beginning together with your loved one.


Alyssa TN



Kitty, thanks for your following and support this couple of year! Finally is your turn to be a pretty bride! Feel great and pleasure to be your friend and makeup artist!




Do everything with all your mind, all your heart and all your soul, then world can feel it!

img_9991-copyslFY Test

Cheng Chew & Saw Cheng, what an amazing couple! One of the most rewarding things in my life is to have them as my clients. I learnt so many brilliant momentum from them, even though we only spent few days together. A true teacher is not only giving lesson in class but showing a real model in daily life. I’m so graceful to have them throughout the make-up session. Heartfelt thanks to both couples Jelinda- Mark & Cheng-Cheng. (Teardrop~)




What seemed to be like an end of just another job turned out to be the start of a wonderful friendship.
An unforgettable experience…that created a beautiful story between Mei Leng and me.
Mei Leng, I think I would always remember the moments we had together. By the way, I am getting myself a new phone sack. =p
People say we need at least 3 years to understand a person, but just within a day I could feel that you are truly an understanding and helpful lady that treats your ‘ji mui’ so well, especially the way you talk to your mum, it is so lovely and sweet. I thank God that I had you as my unforgettable client!


Each customer are like invaluable works of art to me, thus i meticulously depicts every single attractive charm of you. My own utmost demanding requirement is to make you become the sport light in your big day with the most real of yourself. I truly give thanks to the inspiration and guidance that God given, I love u.




YuLyn Test



Test Yee Ping



Christina TN



I’m so surprise and almost tear drop when i received this.
What a thoughtful bride’s comment! You are so meticulous to point out all the details during whole makeup process.

No matter any unforeseen circumstance, i did my ever best to reflect you to be the only limelight in your big day. The ultimate desire is to make sure this is the right angle and lighting to capture my client’s best unique appearance. It complements well in all the way!

Many thanks to make me feel so right in this way! Yes, i will keep my passion and making more and more pretty bride!!

Thank you so much Mei Siang!

Mei siang Testi copy



qiu Ting Test



Mary, who just got married in Sandakan completely entrusted her heart to me, and her trust made my hand work according to its inspiration. I’m truly satisfied seeing her looking so beautiful.

Mary TN



What I’ve seen from her is the “pure love” and “entrustment of her to God”. As an university professor, she is patient all the time, always stay calm and steady even there are a lot of arrangements on her wedding day. She definitely is a temperament bride of inner beauty and outer beauty.
(Thanks i’m in always in your mind, thanks for the precious gift – Sabah Coffee. ^.^)

Brenda TN



‘Mesmerized by her eyes, the window to her soul . ’

I was truly moved by her both pleasant exquisite & vigor kindness. She impressed my affection to move further and applying all my skills throughout her wedding make-up session.
She is also putting her 100% trust in my profession and wholly engaged to meet the higher degree of perfection. Every single word and movement from her, I feel warmth and thankful to have her as my glowing client.

Yen Yan TN


By spending just one day together, the relationship between customer and make-up artist developed from stranger to friend. We can talk about anything, from makeup to puppies. We get along really well with sincerity. She has a pair of temperament eyes, I told her that I have absolute confidence to make her into the most beautiful bride who shines naturally! Thank you for allowing me to have such a rewarding masterpiece!

Ting TN



Cindy Test



Apple TN


candice test



Eunice TN



Lini TN



Pauline TN



Rose Test



SH TN copy










Winnie Test