News – Jack Neo 梁智强 and artists for ‘Ah Boys To men’ <新兵正传>


Last Thursday, I received an unexpected phone call from Ah Tang at 3pm asking me to go over TV3 and help do makeup for 5 person, to be completed by 4.30pm…realistically, the short time period make it seems like an impossible task. But somehow, my heart tells me to do it. When i arrived at 4.05pm, i was surprised to see that the 5 people are Jack Neo 梁智强 and artists for ‘Ah Boys To men’ <新兵正传>. It was truly an amazing opportunity to work with them. As if time has miraculously stopped, we managed to get everyone’s make up done by 4.26pm and just in time to go on air 八度空间<八八六十事>. Know how people always say ‘nothing is impossible’? I totally agree with that saying. As long as we have a passionate and fervent heart in the thing we do, unexpected opportunities do occur and miracles that seem impossible will take place. Special thanks to Ah Tang great arrangement.